Canadian Pike Fishing

Canadian Pike Fishing If you have never been on one of those canadian pike fishing trips or vacations then you just don’t know what you are missing. The great canadian outdoors, the Canadians Rockies, the wind blowing and the monster […]


Black Bass Fishing

Black Bass Fishing There are only three black bass fishing rigs that need to be learned. Just handle these three and the bass will be coming into the cooler, quickly. Bass anglers all to often seem to have the enthusiasm […]


The Fishing Rod

The Fishing Rod Basically a fishing rod is a stick. To be more precise it’s a flexible shaft, usually fitted with runners or guides to carry the fishing line, and has a place to mount a reel. Fishing rods offer […]


Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is an angling experience like no other. If you have never tried it, you definitely need to plan a trip soon. Deep sea fishing seems a little bit more adventures because you take a boat miles away […]


Salmon Fishing Alaska

Salmon fishing Alaska is some of the best fishing you will find anywhere. Imagine for a second hooking into that monster king salmon; a fight that just seems like it will never end. It tests the endurance of both fish […]


Canadian Pike Fishing


Canadian Pike Fishing

If you have never been on one of those canadian pike fishing trips or vacations then you just don’t know what you are missing. The great canadian outdoors, the Canadians Rockies, the wind blowing and the monster northern pike caught in your fishing rod (that would be great, right?) Well, all of this can become a reality if you go on a canadian pike fishing trip. Let’s see what this means and what you need to have in order to start such a trip.

Ah, canadian northern pike fishing! It is such a great feeling to have a northern pike trapped in your fishing rod. And because of the power that these type of fish have, you will most likely know when you have got a pike on the end of your line as your whole boat will start to tremble (don’t worry, there haven’t been recorded any cases about lost fishermen or men over board because of any pike, but who knows?).

The worse things about the northern pike isn’t the moment that you feel one up the rod, nope. It’s the time that he is in your boat that is the crucial one and this is the time when you must be very careful or you can lose the fish. These fish tend to twist a lot and they can even get rolled in your fishing road. If this happens you will, in most cases, have to tie up the line that is covering the fish as there will probably be no way that you can untangle it from there. There goes another rod! Damn!

This is exactly why you must be extra careful when landing a canadian northern pike in your boat. It can ruin a perfectly good rod in mere seconds and the joy of catching such a great fish will become overlooked when you have to throw out a good rod. But if you take control of the situation, you will end up with a fish and no “casualties” on your part.

A good advice here is to learn to distinguish the pike from his close cousin the muskellunge, which is similar in looks but also has a few different things.

Just do a search for these 2 fishes and see what one has and the other hasn’t. This can help you in you canadian pike fishing trip as you will be able to know what you got in the rod and how to effectively catch it.

Some good places to go on a canadian pike fishing vacation are ontario canada and manitoba. These places will offer some of the best fishing trips you have ever had and it is quite likely that you will also catch a bundle of fish, if you are at least a little knowledgeable at the type of fish that live in those waters and how to catch them. So, what are you waiting for? Start researching for that canadian pike fishing trip and go live it!

Black Bass Fishing


Black Bass Fishing

There are only three black bass fishing rigs that need to be learned. Just handle these three and the bass will be coming into the cooler, quickly. Bass anglers all to often seem to have the enthusiasm to get themselves all juiced up for a big day of fishing only to find themselves coming in at the end of the day with only one or two bass. That is sad, pathetic and virtually unnecessary. Why go through all that time and labor, preparation to just come back with one or even two bass? Not worth the time my bass hunting friend. There is a better way and I will tell you right about now.

But before I do that, let me say a few things about why the bass fishermen of the world fail when they go fishing. What most bass fisherman do is spend the day casting, re-rigging, running, and loosing lures all the while getting frustrated because the fish aren’t cooperating. Sound familiar? It should and do not be embarrassed or proud, I am not your girlfriend. I surely know this feeling and any angler reading my article has had the same feeling at some point and time. The lonely feeling is not true. We have all been in this exact same position, alone struggling with no one to turn to. Well, those days are coming to an end, don’t feel bad if this does happen to you because you are definitely not alone. One of the most important variables of bass fishing is the art of rig selection.

Three rigs are all you will ever need and here they are; Texas rig, Carolina rig, and the floating rig. These three rigs are probably the most successful lures for catching largemouth bass an angler can use just about anywhere, anytime. Guaranteed my bass fishing buddies. Now, some anglers may ask, “Why would I use all three of these rigs?”.

The answer is really quite simple. It’s like using tools of the trade. A carpenter wouldn’t use a hammer to back out a screw, nor would he or she use a screwdriver to pound nails. Well, at least most of them wouldn’t! The same goes with bass fishing. An angler should have the right tools of the trade to do a specific job.

The first rig and probably the most used in the entire bass fishing world, is the famed Texas rig. This is the only one I will describe in detail since really it will work for any type of bass fishing. It is a simple rig that can be tied in a hurry. This rig has landed more bass than any other rig around, and I use it almost religiously. To rig a Texas rig you will need a line, hook, and sinker. That’s it. The steps are easy, like I said. First, you put your sinker (usually a bullet-shaped slip sinker) onto the line with the smaller point of the weight going on first or “facing up.” Then tie your hook (usually an offset worm hook) to the end of the line. Now you are ready for the live bait or even a jig. It does not matter, this Texas rig works for both live and artificial baits. A real winner! The other two rigs are fine but do not compare to the versatility of the Texas. The Carolina and the floater are good rigs and have their spots in bass fishing, just not here.

Fishing In Argentina

Go fishing in Argentina! It presents some of the finest fishing spots on the earth. You can find all your sport fishing or fly fishing wishes here in Argentina and go home with a full belly and many more tall tales of your most recent fishing trip to the dynamic country of Argentina. For this reason you’ll be able to arrange your stay in some of the marvelous hotels in Argentina.

Be sure to bear in mind that the best time to fish is during the warmer summer season months. The very best place to go fishing in Argentina is in the Patagonia Place, in which you will find all the trout and salmon you could ever eat. You’ll find other exotic fish here as well which include: wolf fish and mullets. Perhaps streams, rivers and lagoons aren’t your thing. Well, you could at all times take a trip to the ocean to fish for corvinas, soles and sharks. Imagine returning home with story about a shark! For summer months you may get a specific discount in Argentina hotels.

There are lots of fishing tours you may become a part of in Patagonia. You are able to have entertaining in a spot a lot like Montana many years ago with pristine clear water that has the ultimate visibility. It’s a warm dry local climate is just aching for your arrival. You will find yourself fly fishing in Patagonia for a few of the largest trout you might have actually seen amidst the snow capped Andes and brilliant green forests.

Take a fishing tour and you’ll not regret it. You could go in the heart of Patagonia on private fishing access rivers that go on for miles such as Malleo, Chimehuin, Quillen, Traful or Collon Cura. All you will need are your rods and gear.

Think about it, it is possible to go fly fishing in Patagonia while discovering warm sunny days with crystal clear water. It is really practically not fair for the fish. Not to mention that you’re going to be fishing in Argentina among the smells, sounds, and sights of Patagonia. It is considered one of Mother Nature’s crowning achievements, and you have the possibility of relaxing amongst the quiet waters of streams and rivers. You are able to nearly feel the stress rinse away.

In case you prepare your fishing trip to Argentina you are able to arrange your hotels in advance by using some of the internet websites, such as www.wonderlandhotels.com or www.hitrooms.com. There you may get the very best prices for your vacation.

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Selecting the Right Deep Sea Fishing Reel

Deep sea fishing is as exciting a sport as any. The thrill of hitting an 1100 pound marlin is remarkable. But there are other types of fish in the sea as well. Some will feed in the surf, some will feed from the bottom and even others will feed in the shallows. So the selection of your sea fishing reel is an important one.

Sea fishing reels are available in many different types depending on the kind of fishing you plan on doing. All have their various features and the selection process is vital to the success of your expedition. The wrong type of reel can cost you a lot of enjoyment and take the fun right out of the trip.

First, look at sea fishing reels that are designed for a saltwater environment. The sea’s salt tends to be hard on some materials. The best ones are framed in aluminum or stainless steel to resist rusting and corrosion. These are also larger and more steadfast to accommodate severe weather conditions (storms can happen fast at sea) and handle bigger, stronger fish.

The type of fish you are going after is the most critical factor here. For smaller fish like grouper or red snapper, a lighter reel may be the way to go. Lighter line and a lighter overall construction will succeed. For larger fish like albacore tuna, marlin or swordfish, you want a big honker of a reel with good retrieval features and heavier, cable like line.

Next, consider your experience level and choose a reel that fits you. If you buy a reel with features you have no idea how to use, you may spend all your time getting used to the reel 9instead of fishing. If you are heading out for your first time, a basic reel that is proper for the target is all you would need. As you get more experienced, you can always trade up to the high tech reels on the market.

Study the different types of sea fishing and only select sea fishing reels that are suited to your fishing technique. For instance, if you spend a lot of time kite fishing, a fishing reel designed for deep drop fishing isn’t what you want. On the contrary, if deep drop technique is your forte, a fishing reel suited to medium speed trolling won’t be beneficial for you.

The Internet is a great place to do some research, but when it comes to buying a fishing reel, the best thing to do is go to your local sporting goods store and see them for yourself. Ask a salesperson to show you the differences and how they work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and you will become proficient soon enough.

In essence, start basic and work your way up. Get your feet wet, then go deeper. Sea fishing reels are as varied as the fish they are used to catch. Be sure to select the right one for your trip and you will have the time of your life.

Enzo Vullo, http://www.seafishingreelsonline.com/

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